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Check here for the latest news and information on upcoming lesson content. 

Hey everyone! Our first "mini-course" here at LEU, "The Art of the Bass Fill", is in full session this week with Parts 2 & 3 coming 'atcha today and Thursday! Hope everyone's enjoying the progression of the course, and we plan to do many more "courses" in the future. 

Our "Member of the Week" this week is Gabriel Reyes from Montreal, QC! Check out his YouTube Channel for some cool covers, including a cool fretless cover of some instrumental song...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week of 8/9: Tough stuff!

Hey everyone! Our "Member of the Week" this week is Steven Dempster from Glasgow, Scotland! If I remember correctly, my band Scale the Summit and his band Mountains Under Oceans shared the stage on a European tour we did two years ago. Small world! Be sure and check them out! 

Any double-thumpers out there?...

Hey there to all of you! These weeks are really flying by, I feel like I just got done writing the last News update...whew! Our "Member of the Week" this week is Eric Gedenk from Knoxville, TN! His profile says he's reporting from the fastest supercomputer in the country. Pretty sweet, right?! Check out his band Lines Taking Shape!

Are you looking to improve your internal pulse and timekeeping?

Hey to all of you! Really excited about this month's new backing track, easily my favorite one so far, stay tuned for it on Friday! "Prog Metal Shuffle in G Lydian" 

Our "Member of the Week" this week is Mike Reed from Wichita, KS! Check out his band Absalom!

Hello all!

Our "Member of the Week" this week is Tony Ferla from Ansonia, CT! Check out his band Dream Of Scipio!

Hello all! We've hit the two-month mark here at LEU, time is flying by! I'd like to give an immense thanks for being a part of this with us, very awesome to have all of you here! 

Our "Member of the Week" this week is Kerry Donnelly from Northern Ireland! Check out her band Ghost Origin!

Hello all! Hope everyone in the US had a great 4th! 

Our "Member of the Week" this week is Tony Vibbert from Indianapolis, IN! Check out his band Party Lines!

Hi everyone, hope the summer is treating you well! Can't believe it's already July...for any Scale the Summit fans out there, there is a TON of stuff coming at you throughout the next 2 weeks regarding our new album. New artwork reveals, song-by-song clips, go check it out! 

Our "Member of the Week" this week is Seth Stephens from Santa Rosa, CA! Check out his band ├ćnimus, GREAT stuff! I definitely recall listening to this band not too long ago.

Hey everyone, I hoped you enjoyed last week's lessons dedicated to all-things music theory! I've gotten a lot of great feedback on these already.

We've officially reached 1,000 'Likes' on our Low End University Facebook Page, pretty amazing! Please stop by our page if you haven't yet. Our "Member of the Week" this week is Thomas Albagnac in Salou, Spain! Check out his YouTube channel and the great cover videos he has posted (I love the "Black Velvet" one especially)!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week of 6/14: All about theory!

Hello all! We're just about into the summer season, and I really hope it isn't as hot where you are as it is where I am! Our "Member of the Week" this week is Kody Pelton from Amarillo, TX! Check out his bands CHIEF and The Holotype!  

Hello all! I hope the wood shed is treating you all well! Our "Member of the Week" this week is Juan Manuel Savoini from Italy, be sure to check out his page and his band Mirrormaze! 

Hi everyone! The LEU community is continuing to grow and we're excited to have you all join the family. Our new "Member of the Week" this week is Ramon Medero stationed all the way in Okinawa, Japan!