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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week of 10/30: No longer in Scale the Summit!


Hey everyone, 

Hope you've all been well - between the Halloween holiday, my own birthday and my departure from Scale the Summit, it's been quite the whirlwind of a week without a news posting so I'm glad to be able to update you guys. I amicably left Scale the Summit after 5 years of great times, and I wish the band the best. There has been QUITE the media fiasco regarding everything and it isn't something J.C. Bryant (drums) or I intended in the least. Read my full statement below:

Screen Shot 2016 11 01 at 12.12.10 PM

However, this means that I'm pouring even more of myself into Low End University as well as moving full steam ahead on the next Tetrafusion full-length, which we're in the process of recording as we speak. This is some of the wackiest stuff I've ever had to play (but also some of the BEST music), and it's giving me a run for my money. I hope to be able to share more news on this ASAP as we complete the album! 

If you have still never listened to Tetrafusion, it's my first band I started over a decade ago, and our last album is 100% FREE. Download it and get excited for the next one! --> "Horizons EP" - Tetrafusion

Our "Member of the Week" is Ivan Coulburn from Preston, England! Check out his band Circle Spectre Haunting!

This week's lesson is quite a big one - I'll be talking about tritone substituions, what they are, how and when to use them, and why this is something that's arguably an exclusive tool for bass players. We also have two brand new tracks being added to the library very soon, so keep an eye out! 

See you guys around - if you have any questions, drop 'em in the forum and I'll be glad to answer! 

-Mark Michell