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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New album out April 28, 2017!


Hi, all! 

Absolutely over the moon to announce an official release date with cover art for Tetrafusion's upcoming new album - "DREAMING OF SLEEP" will be delivered to your ears on April 28th, 2017! The album will be available exclusively at the Tetrafusion BandCamp Page during release, and other digital outlets later on. I highly, highly, highly, highly recommend that you follow the new @tetrafusion page on Instagram, as that's certainly the most guaranteed way to stay tuned with the release (and, our Facebook page right HERE). 




Additionally, check out the brand new Q&A segment for March 2017 as well as a new lesson where I analyze a score I've never seen before in real-time. This includes discussion and analysis on my approach when reviewing unfamiliar music! Otherwise, have a great week and I'll see you all around the Forum! 

-Mark Michell