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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Our third guest instructor!



Yet again, I'm extremely excited to announce another guest instructor...please welcome Linus Klausenitzer, our THIRD instructor to join the faculty! Linus primarily plays extended-range basses, known for his work on 6- and 7-string basses with both fretted and fretless experience. He currently plays for German metal band Obscura in addition to his other projects in the same scene such as Alkaloid, Noneuclid, and other notable session work. Linus has contributed some VERY forward-thinking content that really complements the instruction here at LEU, and his first lesson, "Increasing Song Dynamics with Bass Lines", is now LIVE in the library with many more coming over the next few weeks. If you aren't a member yet, join the community today and let's kick your bass playing into gear! 

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Additional new content includes our Q&A video for March 2017 as well as another great lesson from Kilian Duarte focusing on advanced 3-finger synchronzation included with challenging exercises! 

See you soon! I'm hanging out in the Forum daily! 

-Mark Michell