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Monday, July 24, 2017

10 Arpeggios You MUST Know! [FREE]


Sometimes, it may seem like there are billions of arpeggio shapes to learn. Next, you realize there are billions of chords to learn. The truth is, the vast majority of music and songs are all rooted from the same types of chords and their respective arpeggios. Take a sigh of relief and understand that, once you know the core group of chord shapes and arpeggios, everything else becomes much more manageable and familiar. You will soon realize that very complex chords are actually just the same ole' major and minor arpeggios you already know, with just a few extra notes added on. Easy, right? I guarantee you that if you learn these ten arpeggio shapes (and their variations), you'll be set for life. These ten arpeggio shapes have shown up the most for me over the years, and I know they will (and have) for you too! Be sure to 'Subscribe' to our YouTube channel and share this article with a bass player you know!