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Monday, August 14, 2017

Make Your Fingers Sound Like a Pick! [FREE]


Have you ever been jamming some metal tunes, and thought "Man, I can hardly hear these fast 16th notes I'm sounds like one big whole note instead!" - me too friend, me too. Now, there are many other ways to remedy this by use of tone, effects, compression - you name it. BUT, sometimes you might just need to cut through on a certain "heavier" section, and then once the br00tal chugging stops, you can hear your note definition again. In this case, we here at Low End University wouldn't advise making an ENTIRE tonal change for a few sections, so instead, just substitute in this "heavy metal technique", and you'll cut through like a champ. In other cases, using a pick would suffice for that extra note "sizzle", but maybe you aren't great with a pick yet. Thankfully, our lesson content inside the website can teach you how to use one, so don't forget to join up. In the meantime, be sure to 'Subscribe' to our YouTube channel and share this article with a bass player you know!