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Check here for regular bass tips, articles, and information on bass player culture.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week of 9/4: Warwick Camp? AMAZING.


What's up guys? 

I'm back home and rested after a crazy (yet incredibly rewarding) week teaching at the 2016 Warwick Bass Camp. It was a surreal experience teaching for the first time in a "camp" setting, and I had such a blast teaching about modern bass techniques, how to use them musically, and how to think like a creative bassist with over 80 students from all around the globe (16 different countries!!) --- if you're looking to have the bass experience of your life, I highly recommend that you consider attending in the future. There is nothing like this camp that I've ever seen or experienced, and Warwick hits a homerun every year with the quality and presentation of this event. 

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Aside that, I'm looking forward to a wonderful next few months at LEU as we finish out 2016!

Our "Member of the Week" is Isaiah Serrano from Bay Shore, NY - check out his band Eridian!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week of 8/28: I'm a professor!


Hey everyone,

In a CRAZY last minute of events, Warwick asked me to fill-in for Billy Sheehan this year as a camp professor since Billy had to cancel last minute, so with a two-day notice I quickly flew over to Germany to start preparations for this week's bass camp in Markneukirchen. It is an absolute dream to do something like this and to bring my teaching around the world, so I can't thank Hans Peter and Ove Bosch at Warwick enough for the opportunity - not to mention the legendary panel of professors I'll be teaching with - please pinch me! 

The professors: Alex Skolnick, Angeline Saris, Joe Hubbard, Mark Michell, Neil Murray, Stuart Hamm, Marius Goldhammer, Alphonso Johnson, Juan Alderete, G√ľnther Gebauer, Steve Bailey, Yolanda Charles, Dennis Chambers, Tetsuo Sakurai

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I'll be teaching 5 clinics this week, and my class topic is "Using Modern Techniques Musically" -- I'm super excited! Our "Member of the Week" is Luke Boismier from Fort Wayne, Indiana - check out his band Sirens!


Hey everyone, 

I'll be heading to the annual Warwick Camp held in Markneukirchen, Germany - it's open to the public so if you want to attend and are nearby, I may see you there!

Our "Member of the Week" is Steven Dempster from Glasgow, UK - check out his band Mountains Under Oceans!


Hey guys!

Our "Member of the Week" is Tony Vibbert from Indianapolis, IN!

We're back with another advanced "Lick of the Week", and this time it's a quick (yet funky) 8-bar bass break with tons of nimble-finger goodness thrown in. I'll have to admit, this one took quite a long time to tighten's tough! : )


What's up everyone? I hope summer is treating you well! I'm hard at work developing ideas and getting the ball rolling for new website features for LEU, and hope to gradually implement these new additions throughout the rest of the year. The first feature we've unrolled is the ability to now pay for your membership directly by credit/debit card right on the site itself with NO required PayPal usage by any means.

This makes life much easier for our international friends and prosepctive members without PayPal! All major credit/debit cards accepted securely via SSL/Stripe (PayPal is STILL an available option of course if you prefer it, and current members using it won't experience any change in service).

Our "Member of the Week" is Kody Pelton from Amarillo, TX!


Hello eveyone - very excited to announce that you can now subscribe to a Low End University membership directly with a credit/debit card - PayPal is NO longer required to use our site (but is still an available option if you prefer).


PayPal has caused problems in the past for many members and has even prevented many from joining, so we're excited to simplify this process for our members. If you're not a member yet and want to use this payment option to join, simply select "Credit Card" on the registration form and you'll be prompted to enter your card information right on the form. Your information will be securely and quickly processed without any need to use PayPal. ALL major credit/debit cards accepted worldwide. However, PayPal is still available and nothing will change for any current members using it.

Our "Member of the Week" is Juan Manuel Savoini from Gattico, Novara in Italy!


I hope everyone from the US had a great holiday weekend! I'm currently in the studio in Austin, TX for the next Tetrafusion album recording drums. If anyone is a fan of this project, I can't wait for you to hear the new material! 

Our "Member of the Week" is Ramon Medero, currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan!


What's up everyone? It's BLISTERINGLY hot where I live, so I've made sure to stay cool indoors practicing as much as possible! I'd like to throw out a friendly reminder as well to be careful to not leave your bass in a hot vehicle or in direct sunlight near a window during these hotter months. While it won't RUIN your bass necessarily, it'll really throw your setup and intonation out of whack among other potential problems. It only takes a quick minute to bring your bass inside with you or leave it home before you go! 

Our "Member of the Week" is Brent Nolen from Myrtle Beach, SC!


Hey guys, I've mentioned the importance of practicing in the summer season many times already...but yesterday was the first day, so it's officially that time!

Our "Member of the Week" is Tommy Travis, and he plays for Resonate Church in Indianapolis, IN!


What's up everyone?! I've been hard at work this week demo'ing parts for the next Tetrafusion album. Many of you may have found out about me from my work with Scale the Summit, but Tetrafusion was my first ever band that I started in 2006 and is what ultimately led me to join Scale the Summit years later. We've been on a hiatus since our last album release in 2012, but are excited to get back at it. If you're a fan, keep up with us HERE and in the meantime, download our last album "Horizons EP" that's 100% free, right HERE (produced by Jamie King (BTBAM, The Contortionist, etc)). Enjoy! 

Our "Member of the Week" is Scott Harney from Washington, DC! 


Hey everyone - we've played a bit of catch-up this week with our play-along Tracks library, and just added two brand new tracks - a Latin rock track and a smooth jazz track over the 12-bar blues progression, which I also use in this week's lesson. More info below...

Our "Member of the Week" is Duffy Laudick from Fort Collins, CO! 

Hey folks! Once more I'd like to say...we have a brand new Instagram account, so go give us a follow at @LowEndU - maybe we'll do some giveaways there! Don't miss out! : )

Our "Member of the Week" is Jordan Freeman from North Devon, UK!