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Check here for regular bass tips, articles, and information on bass player culture.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week of 5/22: Swing it hard!

Hey folks! We have a brand new Instagram account, so go give us a follow at @LowEndU - maybe we'll do some giveaways there! Don't miss out! : )

Our "Member of the Week" is Dimitris Kanellopoulos from Kalamata, Greece!

What's up everyone? Today is the actual *day* we launched one-year ago, and if I haven't said thanks to all of our awesome members enough already, I'd like to say it once more! Also just posted to the Home Page is a brand new virtual site tour of LEU, so check it out if you'd like to see what we're all about. 

Summer is upon us, and for many of us, we'll have a little extra time to spare for our musical endeavors. With that being said, it's a great time to make some serious progress on the ole' bajo. Our "Member of the Week" is Stephen Spencer from El Paso, TX! Check out his band DICODEC!

What's up everyone? I'm so proud to say that this month marks the one-year anniversary of Low End University...I feel like this thing just launched yesterday and am blown away at how fast the time flies! But, most importantly, I want to send a heartfelt thanks out to each and every one of you members who have joined the LEU community and made it what it is today. This simply isn't possible without you guys, and it's most rewarding to me to hear how much you guys are enjoying the content and how much you're growing in your bass-playing endeavors. Just, WOW! Thanks to all of you! 

Our "Member of the Week" is Marshall Jackson from Regina, SK! Check out his band Oracles of Opression!

Hello bass folk! Summer is upon us, and that's the time of year many of us have some extra time in the woodshed. I'm super excited to see all the progress you guys are making from those of you who've sent in videos, questions, etc. It's going to be an awesome summer and I can't be more excited! 

If you're an avid subscriber of Bass Guitar Magazine, check out my little feature in the March 2016 issue talking a bit about my newest book "Advanced Rock Bass", out now through Hal Leonard, and available right here through Low End University (info on the home page). 

 BassGuitarMag MarkMichell

Our "Member of the Week" is Seth Stephens from Santa Rosa, CA! Check out his band Aenimus!

What's up folks? It's great to be home from tour, and it was super awesome meeting so many of you in every city! Looking forward to a killer summer of new content at Low End University, let's do this! Don't forget to tell all your bass playing friends to come check us out! 

Our "Member of the Week" is Jacob Thayer from Jupter, FL!

What's up folks? Hope you're all well - I'm approaching the tail end of this tour, it's definitely flown by! 

Our "Member of the Week" is Ivan Coulburn from Preston, England! Check out his band Circle Spectre Haunting!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week of 4/3: Our 100th Lesson!!!

Hello all! Sorry for a week off from our usual lesson schedule and news...very limited connectivity here in Canada over the last week or so. Once again, I've had the pleasure to meet an LEU member in every city I've been to, and it's been such a blast getting to know you all! 

Our "Member of the Week" is Marcus Hume from Prince George, BC! Check out his YouTube Channel right HERE!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week of 3/20: Emulation!

Hey everyone! I've already met a handful of you out on the road and it's been such an absolute pleasure chatting with you guys. Hope to see more of you as our tour progresses! 

Our "Member of the Week" is Noah McCoy from La Quinta, CA!

Hello all! I've just kicked off my North American tour with Scale the Summit, so apologies for a delayed News post! New lesson content will of course continue to be posted each week on Thursdays, so keep checking back and keep practicing! 

Our "Member of the Week" is Thomas Albagnac from Salou, Spain! Check out his band YouTube Channel!

Hello all! Lots of funky groove content this week, and I kick off my Spring tour with Scale the Summit next Tuesday. I hope to see many of you guys around the continent! 

Our "Member of the Week" is Brent Nolen from Myrtle Beach, SC! Check out his Instagram profile right HERE!

What's up folks? I've been doing marathons of lesson video filming to cover my upcoming time out on the road, putting some serious mileage on these cameras! Our next two Q&A videos will likely take place downtown in the middle of a city somewhere, it'll be fun for sure! 

Our "Member of the Week" is Mike Reed from Wichita, KS! Check out his band Absalom!

Hello all! I'll be in the grand state of Texas all week for Scale the Summit tour rehearsals, and then playing two shows in Fort Worth (on 2/25 @ The Rail Club) and Austin (2/27 @ Empire - headlining AIM Fest) before we start our full US tour in March. Come on out if you're in the area! As always, some brand new content this week with a new Gear Tutorial addition! 

Our "Member of the Week" is Clint Nunley from Colbert, OK!