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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week of 9/4: Warwick Camp? AMAZING.


What's up guys? 

I'm back home and rested after a crazy (yet incredibly rewarding) week teaching at the 2016 Warwick Bass Camp. It was a surreal experience teaching for the first time in a "camp" setting, and I had such a blast teaching about modern bass techniques, how to use them musically, and how to think like a creative bassist with over 80 students from all around the globe (16 different countries!!) --- if you're looking to have the bass experience of your life, I highly recommend that you consider attending in the future. There is nothing like this camp that I've ever seen or experienced, and Warwick hits a homerun every year with the quality and presentation of this event. 

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Aside that, I'm looking forward to a wonderful next few months at LEU as we finish out 2016!

Our "Member of the Week" is Isaiah Serrano from Bay Shore, NY - check out his band Eridian!

As previously stated, we'll be resuming our weekly lessons starting THIS week with two new lessons to catch up - please stay on the lookout for L#120 - Stationary Finger Challenge - Part 2 and L#121 - 5 Tips for Learning New Music Quickly. For now, please check out our "Alternate Muting Methods" two-part video series that is now live in the library! Also, L#122 (intermediate-level lesson) will post live at the end of this week following the aforementioned lessons. 

See you in the Forum! 

-Mark Michell