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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week of 9/18: Fall is here, and so is creativity


Hope you're all well!

The first day of the Fall season arrives this week, and I'm beyond ecstatic because summer where I live extends far into September unfortunately...temperature-wise. I'm really excited about these next few lessons as I'll be covering the content from my clinics at the Warwick Bass Camp a few weeks ago. I had a blast with the students on these concepts, so now I'll be sharing them with you! Aside from that, I'm looking forward to a wonderful next few months at LEU as we finish out 2016!

Our "Member of the Week" is Andrew McTevia from Central Point, OR - check out his band Metaconcert!

As previously stated, the next few lessons will focus on some of the concepts I covered at recent clinics - I'll be focusing on voicing chords for bass, how to arrange the notes, and structure them in a way that's appropriate and works sonically while being cognizant of the lower pitches used. The following lesson will be focusing creativity and how to construct bass parts that contrast with the composition, which is one of the main staples I work by when creating bass parts for the music I write. This really helps me to "listen" to the composition, and not just "hear" it - it allows me to analyze the song and see what I can add with my bass that complements the song while taking a new direction. It's a deep one! : )

Chat with you all over in the Forum soon! 

-Mark Michell