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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week of 12/4: Hello, new faces!


What's up guys!

I want to give a huge welcome to many of the new faces here in the LEU community after our Black Friday event and offer a sincere THANK YOU for giving me a chance to be your bass instructor, and I'm confident that you'll make great strides in your playing if you buckle down and tackle your goals with my help. I'm hanging out in our Members' Forum daily, so feel free to drop by if you need any guidance or assistance on anything. It means a lot to have you with us and I look forward to getting to know you!

The holiday season is in full swing, and that means many of us have less time (or any time) to spend some quality time with our instruments. As I've said in many lessons here, if you don't have time to practice, that's totally understandable - BUT - I DO know that you have TEN MINUTES somewhere in your day to pick up the bass and simply keep those small muscle groups fresh. Understand that even a few minutes just getting the fingers moving will work wonders for preventing regression and rustiness in your craft. Check out our "Holday Chop Maintenance (L#081)" lesson for some quick, on-the-go ideas for keeping the fingers warm. 

Also, it's been a very busy week filming new content, so stay tuned for our December 2016 Q&A, chordal plucking-patterns for bass, tips on marketing your band in today's industry, variations on walking bass lines and more! Our newest lesson to go up in the library discusses variations on scale practicing, and I even whip out a trumpet for some examples...get it while it's hot!!!

See you soon!

-Mark Michell